All in Development

Quick-fix fundraising? It’s time to invest your energy elsewhere.

The ways, means, and methods you can fundraise in 2019 are endless, aren’t they?

We have it all.

The campaigns and peer activism are creative and never-ending: give-your-birthday, Mother’s day, grow a beard, have a garage sale, bake sale, run a really long distance, create art and give proceeds, host a dinner party, host an “un-event” where nobody comes, organize a board-game night, plan a casino night, 3-on-3 basketball tournaments, and eating contests (oh my!)...and then we must not forget the ice-bucket challenge.

I talk to people every week who are struggling to raise funds and feel frustrated at their lack of progress. I often ask them to tell me about their activities surrounding their mid-level or major-level portfolio. I ask, “How do you plan and approach a donor to actively solicit them?” Crickets.

2019 is YOUR Year!

Thankful to be featured on The A Group podcast! Here’s what we’re talking about:
Sadly, nonprofit organizations that don’t embrace change are sure to fall behind, plateau, or, worse yet, deteriorate. So, what can you do and change to ensure your revenue is growing each year to support your mission and programs? As January 1 approaches, we're talking about safeguards to put in place to ensure change initiatives stick and greatly impact the revenue to our organizations. Take a listen!