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For Foundations: Maximize Your Impact

Invest in your most promising organizations by equipping them with tools & training to fully fund their missions.

Imagine if your Foundation could leverage its funding to . . .

  • give grantees an easy-to-follow plan to grow their annual funding

  • train grantees how to fully fund their programs year after year

  • help create a diversified, low-risk funding model for grantee organizations

  • help grantees know how to create compelling pitches to attract, retain, and grow their donor-base

  • encourage collaboration over competition with peer organizations

  • help leadership get time back in their schedules for programs due to fundraising efficiency

  • help grantees create board and staff eager to fundraise alongside them

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LET’S GROW Cohort is a guided program designed to teach your grantees a better way to fully fund their missions year after year.

In this program, grantees will understand everything they need to position their organizations to grow. Then we’ll work on learning how to mobilize - helping them turn those skills into habits that can change their organizations long term.

All sessions will be a combination of teaching, best-practices coaching, and direction on how to apply each principle to the grantee’s organization. All trainings are live (both virtual and in-person) - there are NO pre-recorded trainings.

To quickly recap, the LET'S GROW Cohort guided program includes:

  • The complete LET'S GROW program for groups of participants provided by Foundation

  • The Fundraising Curriculum to implement a new approach to annual fund development systems for your selected participants

  • Curriculum can be taught in 90-day, 6-month, or a 12-month length format

  • Cohort Training Sessions (virtual or in-person)

  • One-on-one customized virtual sessions for personalized coaching to your grantee’s funding challenges (2 each participant)

  • Access to the private coaching community where our team is answering questions and providing feedback in the community regularly. This kind of ongoing help is something that, if the grantee were a fundraiser in a large organization, they'd just call the Chief Development Officer and they would help. But many nonprofit leaders don't have that expert they can call - so that's the type of support they will get so they can keep moving all donors toward giving their best gifts.

  • Collaboration among local nonprofits for maximum impact

  • Private access to an online template library where all resources are housed to implement the program

  • Management of pre- and post-cohort surveys to gather and evaluate growth metrics

Participants in LET'S GROW are moving into larger solicitations, increasing their giving, speaking to their donors in new ways, and gaining incredible confidence.

In general, the flow of the program is as follows:


FIRST, GRANTEES WILL LEARN what donors need to see & hear from THEM IN ORDER TO GROW.

Transformational donors need to be able to easily understand the plans, programs, and financials of the organization. In essence, each donor needs to know the role they play in the growth. Grantees will understand the tools, plans, and presentations that must be created annually to be a successful solicitor. The objectives of this section include:

  • Clear translation of strategic documents into appropriate, donor-focused pieces

  • Understand if program descriptions are donor-digestible

  • Establish the actual funding need of the organization as conveyed to donors

  • Know the best way to create healthy, low-risk, annual giving patterns

  • Understand what to have in-hand during donor solicitations

  • Adopt a mindset that leads to confidence during the big ask

then, grantees will learn how to design amazing experiences for their donors.

Your goal is to receive a donor’s best gift. Each donor needs to be given an annual experience tailored to their needs – one that is exclusive and sincere. Every year organizations need to take time to plan out the individual journey donors take with their organization. They’ll know how to create a positive experience with them all year long, you will have greater results during solicitations as a result. The objectives of this section include:

  • The best approach to segmenting the donor base by type and level of generosity

  • Understand the level of customization needed per donor segment

  • Clarify what donor segments need to grow and how (Foundations, Corporate, Individual, etc)

  • Design satisfying donor experiences for top donor segments

  • Establish a monthly rhythm that drives accountability for growth and metrics

  • Create an annual gift chart to use during solicitations that grows a donor’s gift

  • Build a gift acceptance and fulfillment process that sets grantees apart from your competition


Now, it’s time to help grantees practice all they’ve learned and created. Donors need to be asked to invest in your organization - but that is scary for people without a plan or training. With practice, fear will be greatly reduced when grantees have the right mindset and tools in hand. The objectives of this section include:

  • Understand how to ask for the top gifts through role-playing scenarios

  • Gain confidence in how to present solicitation tools and answer tough questions

  • Know how to grow and retain donors using a gift chart

  • Gain clarity on specific donor scenarios and create next steps for asks

  • Get clarity on the time a board, staff, and team need to spend on fundraising to maximize results

  • AND ALL ALONG, they’ll have me as their coach as they solicit prospective donors they're talking to right now!


what people are saying:

The biggest impact [of my work with Sherry] is my personal confidence in fundraising and I’ve met or exceeded my fundraising goals while working with Sherry.
- Executive Director

Sherry helped us identify roadblocks and streamline processes, which has helped grow our organization financially. I am absolutely amazed when I think how far our organization has come in the one year.
- Executive Director

Two years into our plan, we have attained many of our organizational goals and the results are stunning.
- Board President

I looked to Sherry each week not only for her knowledge and expertise on fundraising, but for general advice, direction and support. In my experience, it’s rare to find someone who will … adapt to the dynamic nature of the work and offer such comprehensive support.
- Executive Director

[Sherry] is constantly evolving and adapting while remaining grounded in strong, sound data as the basis to all her recommendation. Sherry is agile, decisive and fun to work with. I would, and do, recommend Sherry to anyone looking for a crash course in modern fundraising. 
- Director of Strategic Engagements


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