Fundraising Bootcamp

Nonprofit fundraising really doesn’t need to be this hard. Imagine if you . . .

  • Knew the next steps to grow your organization's charitable giving

  • Really understood how to present your organization’s need to donors

  • Understood the tools and resources needed for solicitations

  • Were more confident when asking for money

  • Had clarity on where you need to spend the majority of your fundraising time

  • Knew the activities you need to do to keep growing year after year

It’s time to turn it around and grow.

Let’s spend 3-months together. In the first two months, you will understand the new skills and tools you need to grow your funding. The last month together is focused on learning how to use the tools - turning those skills into monthly and annual habits that will change your organization long term.

Here’s the process each month:

Strategic Growth Plan and Fundraising Plan

MONTH 1 > what your donors need to see and hear from you

Your top donors need to be able to easily understand your plans, programs, and financials. In essence, each donor needs to know the role they play in your growth. Every year there are a number of tasks, plans, and presentations that must be created so solicitor to be successful. Here’s what I’ll teach you this month:

  • How to translate strategic documents into appropriate, donor-focused pieces

  • Ensuring your programs are donor-digestible

  • How to approach and establish your actual, financial need for growth year after year

  • The best way to create healthy, low-risk, annual giving patterns

  • What your impact-driven plans and financials need to look like for donor meetings and solicitations

  • How adopting a growth mindset leads to more confidence (and money) during the big ask

Gift Acceptance Plan, Gift Chart


Your goal is to receive your donor’s best gift. Each donor needs to be given an annual experience tailored to their needs – one that is exclusive and sincere. Every year you need to take time to plan out the individual journey your donors take with your organization. When you create a positive experience with them all year long, you will have greater results during your solicitations. Here’s what I’ll teach you this month:

  • The best approach to segmenting the donor base by type and level of generosity

  • How to design a satisfying donor experiences for your donor segments

  • How to get in a monthly rhythm that drives accountability for growth and metrics

  • How to create an annual gift chart to use during solicitations (don’t worry, I’ll give you a template)

  • How to create a gift acceptance and fulfillment process that sets you apart from your competition

Solicitation Training, Philanthropy, Large gifts, fund development

MONTH 3 > handS-on solicitation training and practice

Now, it’s time to practice all you’ve learned and created. Your donors need to be asked to invest in your organization. I hear you – I know you are scared. But your fear will be greatly reduced when you have the right mindset and tools in hand. Here’s what I’ll teach you this month:

  • How to solicit for your organization’s key annual gifts

  • How to present solicitation tools in a variety of situations

  • Practical ways to use your gift chart

  • Discussing your specific donor scenarios and creating your next steps for each

  • Role-playing solicitation scenarios specific to your organization

  • The right amount of time you and the board need to carve out for your top 30 donors every year


A few other indicators to help us know if you are ready to invest in a Bootcamp . . .

  • Bootcamps are a perfect solution for small organizations with annual revenues of $300 ,000 - 700,000 +/- (If you are between $700,000 - $10M+, then Growth and Development Counsel is your best fit).

  • You’ve raised funds in a variety of ways, but know there must be a better way. It’s too hard. (Hint: You need to move into true, strategic mid- and major-level donor activities).

  • You are short on time and wearing too many hats. Time is money, so you must deeply understand the annual activities that lead to the highest amount of revenue.

  • You’ve realized you must spend money to make money. You are ready to invest in your organization’s growth.

Other details regarding our time together . . .

Before your first session you’ll receive a Strategic Growth Workplan from me. This document outlines many of the areas that keep organizations from growing and how to avoid them. Please read this before our first meeting – we won’t go through the entire document, but I’ll refer back to it during our sessions. Then we’ll put all our sessions on the calendar before we start so we can both work hard to schedule around them.

We’ll meet:

  • Virtually for 90 minutes every-other-week

  • There are NO pre-recorded trainings – it’s you and me, live

  • During a recurring meeting time so that you can plan your schedule far in advance

  • For three months (or 90 days)

Our every-other-week sessions will be a combination of teaching, best-practices coaching, and direction on how to apply each principle to your organization. I ask that you work very hard to keep our meeting times – however, if an emergency arises, I’m happy to accommodate.

On the ‘off-weeks’ you’ll have homework and tasks to complete. And don’t worry, if you get stuck – I hold in-office hours multiple times a week when you can email me.

If you want to grow your funding you will need to invest in your organization.

Let’s figure out if you and your organization are a good fit?

Please schedule a 30 - minute call with me so we can speak directly!