6 Month Intensive (Let’s Grow)

Imagine if your organization could start growing its revenue substantially within the next six months . . .
here’s how we’ll do it!

For six months we’ll meet virtually, every other week for 90 minutes, to progress through your tailored growth plan.

Here’s the typical path we’ll take:

month 1 >

the plans & programs your donors need to see

-Reviewing or documenting your three-year plan
-Identifying the role your donors will play in your growth
-Translating documents into appropriate nonprofit language
-Understanding how to speak in a donor-focused manner



Understanding & establishing your actual need to grow

-Establishing your actual, financial need for growth
-Setting the right annual revenue goals
-Creating impact-driven plans/financials to share with donors
-Ensuring your staff is spending the right amount of time on revenue generating activities



the experience every donor needs to receive from you every year

-Segmenting the donor base by type and level of generosity
-Designing satisfying donor experiences for each donor segment
-Fitting annual events within the annual donor experience
-Crafting a gift acceptance and fulfillment process that sets you apart from your competition



understanding what each donor segment needs to hear from you

-Tracking the donor experience per donor segment
-Designing the tools needed for solicitations of every size
-Creating collateral and digital assets to compete in the marketplace



the tools & resources you need for successful fundraising efforts

-Establishing healthy, low-risk, annual giving patterns
-Creating a dashboard for monthly accountability
-Using your donor management software to drive monthly dashboard metrics
-Creating an annual gift chart to use during solicitations



solicitation training & practice

-Solicitation training for your organization’s key annual gifts
-Learning how to present solicitation tools in every situation
-Designing an annual campaign calendar