Our Core Services


Your Nonprofit is a good fit if you are ready for change and ready to invest in your growth process.

Here we've described the four core ways we work with Nonprofits.


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growth and development counsel

Monthly Counsel / Six - Nine Months
In-person + Virtual

The Situation Funding has plateaued and isn't growing at the desired rate. You're generating program income but not charitable gifts. You are leaving money on the table and are sure there has to be a better way forward. You desire the guidance, accountability, or thought partnership to implement real change in your organization through a strong development strategy. 

Our Approach — Each month, we’ll spend time together in a rhythm of meetings working on development and organizational processes to position you to grow and streamline your funding. We'll provide customized recommendations tied to a work plan - then we'll methodically work through the plan to strengthen your organization. First, complete the Growth Checklist and we'll follow up with a proposal.


hiring support & onboarding

Monthly Counsel / Three-Six Months

The Situation  There's a lot counting on your next (or first) development hire - you need to find the right candidate who can grow your funding. You think you know what you need in a candidate but want to be certain and realistic. You desire support to ensure the new employee can hit the ground running on day one. You are committed to investing in a staff person who can transform your organization by strengthening your revenue.

Our Approach  We'll assess your organization's current development needs, identify all the holes your new hire needs to fill, and create a customized road map forward. We'll be your steady partner through the interview and hiring process until we find the right candidate. Then, we'll use the road map to support and train your new staff member until you feel they are prepared.

‘let’s grow’ intensive

Monthly Training + Coaching / Six Months

The Situation Funding your mission shouldn’t be this hard and you know there has to be a better way forward. You desire the guidance and advice to implement real change in your organization through strong development coaching. ‘Let’s Grow’ is a six-month virtual intensive much like it’s older sibling (Growth and Development Counsel) but paced to fit your busy schedule and tighter budget.

Our Approach  For six months, we’ll spend time every other week working on streamlining your processes to position you to grow your funding. After years of working with nonprofits, we’ve identified many of the hurdles that keep your funding from growing. Together, we'll work through six key principles needed to strengthen your organization and then we’ll teach you how to ask for the gifts that will change your organization.


workshop series

Three (3) Half-day Sessions 

The Situation You are starting to craft your organization's next strategic growth moves. You need to know you are putting the right infrastructure in place now to ensure success. You've got a few core board, staff, or volunteers who are standing beside you ready to dive into the deep-end. You need someone at the table who has a track record of successfully growing Nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Our Approach  We'll spend three (3) half-days together (in person or virtually) training and collaborating with your team on the best growth path. We'll show you how to make your plans, financials, staff, collateral, and programs growth-ready. Then we'll train you how to ask for the funding to accomplish your great ideas!