Our Growth & Fundraising Services


You and your nonprofit are a good fit if you are open to change and ready to invest in your growth.

The three ways we work:

The Situation Funding your mission shouldn’t be this hard. You might be discouraged, but know there has to be a better way forward. You want to know the real path forward. What are your fundraising priorities? You wish you were more confident when asking for large gifts. Or you’ve simply never solicited but want to learn how! The Bootcamp is for you! We’ll provide the teaching to implement real change in your organization that you can use for years to come.

Our Approach  The Bootcamp is a three month virtual intensive much like its older sibling (Growth and Development Counsel) but paced to fit your busy schedule and tighter budget. In the first two months, you will learn the skills and tools you need to grow your funding. The last month together is focused on learning how to use the tools and how to turn those skills into habits that will change your organization long term. No sessions are recorded - it’s you and me one-on-one working together.

fundraising bootcamp

The Situation Funding has plateaued and isn't growing at the desired rate. You're generating program income but not charitable gifts. You are leaving money on the table and are sure there has to be a better way forward. You desire the customized guidance, accountability, or thought partnership to implement real change in your organization through a strong growth and development strategy. 

Our Approach — Each month, we’ll spend time together one-on-one in a rhythm of in-person or virtual meetings working on development and organizational processes to position you to grow and streamline your funding. We'll assess your organization's current development needs, identify all the holes you team needs to fill, and create a customized road map forward. Then we'll methodically work through the plan for six months to strengthen your organization for the long haul. Our time will be a deep-dive combination of teaching, collaboration, and hands-on implementation.

Teach us how to fundraise and grow.

The Situation and Approach are the same as the traditional Growth & Development Counsel (center description) + core VIP services.

Here’s what is VIP about this package:
+ Quarterly (4) Check-ups - these half-day meetings are held to ensure you’re implementing all the skills you’ve learned during our time together. After six months of counsel, we’ll meet quarterly for one year to help you stay on track for long-term change.

+ Development (1) Workshop for Board of Directors - often, leadership desires the board to know how to use the new skills and tools you’ve created for the mid- and major-level donor solicitation process. We’ll provide a half-day workshop for your board (or for a select committee) so you have deeper buy-in and participation throughout the annual development process.

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