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From first-time ED to founding ED . . . we are proud to support leaders as they level-up their organizations.


Sherry is an exceptional leader, listener, and teacher with a plethora of specialized skills . . . Sherry takes on projects as her own cause and is committed to accomplishing success for the organization’s mission. These are remarkable and very unique traits.

— anne sweeney, executive director emeritus, heshima kenya

Sherry has tremendous analytical and organizational skills that are invaluable to any nonprofit as it seeks to grow. I’m amazed that she truly customizes her counsel, creating on-the-spot solutions for the unique challenges we are facing. Her big-picture perspective helps me see my organization differently.

— jerry mccorkle, executive director, spread truth

With Sherry’s help and gentle guidance, we were able to prioritize our funding needs and identify actionable goals to achieve fundraising success. With her assistance, the Library was able to be more strategic in its approach to raising money for our programs and services.

— Alicia Garcia, development director, waukegan public library foundation


Sherry is my go-to consultant for growing my non-profit. Her insight and experience has proven to be spot-on time and time again. She is brilliant to work with always exceeding my expectations with professionalism, on-time deliverables, and creativity that make her an absolute joy to work with.


— simone halpin, executive director, naomi's house

As a young founder of a growing non-profit . . . , I looked to Sherry each week not only for her knowledge and expertise on fundraising, but for general advice, direction, and support. In my experience, it’s rare to find someone who will not only develop a workplan and complete those goals, but also successfully adapt to the dynamic nature of the work and offer such comprehensive

— Blair Brettschneider, Executive director, girl forward

As a non-profit, Sherry helped us identify roadblocks and streamline processes, which has helped grow our organization financially. I am absolutely amazed when I think how far our organization has come in the one year. Not only have our cash flow issues stabilized, but also, our vision and mission have been strengthened.


— Sarah aulie, executive director,
hand & cloth


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