Work 1-on-1 With Sherry


Level-up your Nonprofit this year

My clients grow their charitable giving an average of 61% the year they work with me. This covers the investment in my services by by 3 - 10 times!
(Translation = My track record says you’ll make your money back and more.)


My programs shows you a new way of raising money. It moves you into true, annual fund development, creates the patterns for long-term growth, and gives you the confidence to ask for money - large amounts of money.

If you are ready to deeply invest in your organization’s growth I can help you. Imagine if after six-months you:

  • Had a clear path and plan for your organization's revenue growth

  • Really understood the budget you need to grow your organization

  • Understood the tools and resources needed to solicit larger, annual gifts

  • Were more confident when asking for large gifts - both intentional and proactive

  • Knew how to grow your organization year after year

Sometimes leaders desire a 1-on-1 partnership with someone who has been in their shoes - an expert who can provide the strategy, plan, and training to grow their organization.

Growth and Development Counsel service has been designed for LEADERS who:

  • Simply need to raise more money

  • Are subject-matter experts but struggle managing the nonprofit business

  • Don't have traditional fundraising or solicitation training - or just want fresh ideas

  • Need to larger gifts, regular giving, and more donors

  • Know there must be a better and straighter path to growth

  • Are motivated to grow and and ready to invest in change (my track record shows you’ll make your money back and more!)

…and all sizes and types of ORGANIZATIONS where:

  • Annual charitable revenue has plateaued or is growing too slowly

  • Funding has recently grown, and you need systems to maintain momentum

  • Funding is mostly program or government monies, but you need to grow individual gifts

  • Gifts are mostly from a specific segment, and you need to diversify funding

  • Organizational structures stateside need to grow to better support a mission overseas

As the leader, I’m guessing you’re short on time and wearing too many hats. You’ve had no choice up til now. But your time is money, so you must deeply understand and focus on the annual activities that lead to the highest amount of revenue.

You already know you must invest in the planning, processes, and structures if you want your Nonprofit to fully grow into it’s founding mission. You need guidance from an expert who has done this before.

Fill out this form and you will be directed to my calendar where you can pick a time when we can talk. Can’t wait to hear about your desire to grow!