Work directly with Sherry to grow your nonprofit.

Grow nonprofit donations

Is this your year to Level-up your Nonprofit?

My clients grow their charitable giving an average of 61% the year they work with me. This covers the investment in my services by by 3 - 10 times!
(Translation = My track record says you’ll make your money back and more.)


Whether you’ve had years of successful programmatic achievements or are struggling to successfully get your mission off the ground – You’ve demonstrated there’s a great need in the world for your work.

But, in either case, you might still see a big gap in your organization: the clear path to securing larger, annual donations. Once you understand the tools and skills you need, you’ll be able to increase your revenue and confidently diversify your giving to invest deeper in your mission.

I’ve been in your shoes.

As the leader, I’m guessing you’re short on time and wearing too many hats. You’ve had no choice up til now. Your time is money, so you must deeply understand and focus on the annual activities that lead to the highest amount of revenue. But, most of all, you must be able to fully fund your entire organization every year.

You carry this stress like no one else.

Therefore you may need an objective, skilled, third-party to complement your skills; namely, in creating a development strategy and infrastructure that helps your organization obtain the funds you need today as well as create giving patterns for long-term, sustainable growth. You need a strong plan and path forward.

I can help.

So I’m better prepared for our call and we can dive right in, please share a bit more about your project . . . you will be directed to my calendar where you can pick a time when we can speak. Can’t wait to help you start solving this problem!

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