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Level-up your Nonprofit this year

My clients grow their charitable giving an average of 61% the year they work with me. This covers the investment in my services by by 3 - 10 times!
(Translation = My track record says you’ll make your money back and more.)


When it’s time for a deep, customized partnership, I provide private counsel, expertise, strategy, and training.

I’ve been in your shoes. As the leader, I’m guessing you’re short on time and wearing too many hats. You’ve had no choice up til now. Your time is money, so you must deeply understand and focus on the annual activities that lead to the highest amount of revenue. But, most of all, you must be able to fully fund your entire organization every year. You carry this stress like no one else.

I can help.

All 1-on-1 counsel is customized to suit your organization.

Fill out this form and you will be directed to my calendar where you can pick a time when we can speak in detail. Can’t wait to hear about your desire to grow!

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