Red Heights

Fundraising doesn’t have to be this hard.

I help organizations consistently raise more money to fund their missions.


Hi, I’m Sherry. With an easy-to-follow plan in hand, my clients confidently begin securing larger and more regular donations.

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“I hate asking for money.”

I hear this a lot. Challenge accepted.

You’ll need a plan that gives you the exact steps to find, grow, solicit, and retain your donors. I’ve been in your shoes and designed my program with this exact purpose.


Nonprofit fundraising really doesn’t have to be this hard. Imagine if you had . . .

  • an easy-to-follow plan to grow your organization's funding

  • fully funded programs

  • a diversified, low-risk funding model

  • donors who want to give you large gifts every year

  • compelling pitches that attract and retain donors

  • less competition - activities that set you apart from other organizations

  • time back in your schedule due to maximized fundraising efforts

  • a board and staff eager to fundraise alongside you

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You can raise the money to fully fund your mission.

Confidently, Consistently, and Annually . . .


I am proud the majority of my new business is from client referrals!