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I Grow Nonprofits.

confidently, consistently, and annually with new skills, tools, and habits that grow your organization.


Hi, I’m Sherry. I teach Executive Directors how to grow their nonprofit and its funding so their missions can thrive.

What’s your success rate? Well, I’m glad you asked.

On average, my 1-on-1 clients have made 5x their money back on their investment within the first year of working with me.

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Trust me through this process.
I’ve been in your shoes.

My goal is to add more value to your fundraising than you ever thought possible by giving you tools and training you can use immediately to change your organization.


Are you and your nonprofit a right fit?

I work with . . .


nonprofit leaders who:

  • Simply need to raise more money

  • Are first-time, founding, or established nonprofit professionals

  • Left corporate careers and need a thought-partner in their new role

  • Are subject-matter experts but struggle managing the nonprofit business

  • Don't have traditional fundraising or solicitation training

  • Need to larger gifts, regular giving, and more donors

  • Know there must be a better and straighter path to growth

  • Are motivated to grow and ready to invest in change


  • Annual charitable revenue has plateaued or is growing too slowly

  • Funding has recently grown, and you need systems to maintain momentum

  • Funding is mostly program or government monies, but you need to grow individual gifts

  • Gifts are mostly from a specific segment, and you need to diversify funding

  • Organizational structures stateside need to grow to better support a mission overseas

  • It’s time to hire a first Executive Director or Development Director and you desire guidance through the process

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Free 45-minute Coaching Session

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“Big Donations for Even Bigger Missions”


The approach we’ll take . . .

Every week I talk to people all over the country who reach out because they want me to teach them how to fundraise. I can easily teach you how to solicit and fundraise, but often that is not the problem.

Before we jump in and teach you how to raise more money, we must first straighten the internal activities and rhythms that lead to healthy fundraising and revenue generation.

Trust me through this process and you’ll see results.

My 1-on-1 clients average a 61% charitable gift increase the year they work with me - which covers the investment they made in my services by often by 3 - 10 times! (Translation = My track record says you’ll make your money back and more.)

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Ready to raise more funds?
I can help.

I provide strategy, plans, and coaching to leaders who are ready to invest in the growth of their nonprofit organizations, teaching them the activities that will fund their missions year after year.


A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


I am proud the majority of my new business is from client referrals!