Fully funding your nonprofit.

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Need a clear path to larger donations that really works?

Glad you’re here. I teach nonprofit leaders how to get the larger individual donations they need to level-up and thrive.


Hi, I’m Sherry.

Why do some nonprofits seem to grow quickly while others fight for every single $10 donation?

I’ll tell you exactly what the secret is . . . Successful nonprofits implement
Need-based Fundraising instead of budget-based fundraising. 

How do I know this? 

After years of testing using a wide range of tactics, the results taught me a key lesson: implementing every possible tactic did not result in the size donations that allowed for growth. But it did show me that the secret lies in selecting the right tactics on a case by case basis in order to yield larger and more frequent donations.

Today, I’ve grown nonprofits all over the country. My program has been applied successfully to both big ($16M) and small organizations ($100K) who simply needed more unrestricted funding to accomplish their missions.

This program is the one YOU need to use today to level-up your nonprofit into a robust, self-sustaining organization.

(Because my clients typically grow at an average rate of 30% more the year they use my program.)

They’ve been able to fund their programs AND their salaries and operations.

All because of my Need-based Fundraising approach.

Many fundraising activities (think events, social media, raffles) don’t always yield the money we hoped for. Most of all, these schemes don’t lead to the size gifts that will fully fund our programs and mission.

Not having a true plan in place to grow, keeps your organization small.

But when you can learn the steps to secure more donors and larger donations, you can get the size gifts that propel your organization forward and fully fund your mission year after year.

Most of all, you can make the difference you set out to make in the first place.

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“I hate asking for money.”

You’re an expert in your field, but when it comes to fundraising, it feels uncomfortable and frustrating. I help you overcome that, so you can finally put aside the constant dread and get back to fulfilling your mission.


Nonprofit fundraising really doesn’t have to be this hard. Imagine if you had . . .

  • a tried-and-true plan to grow your organization's funding in the next 90 days

  • a fully funded mission - enough money for both programs and operations

  • systems that helped fundraising not feel like a chore you dread

  • a diverse, low-risk funding model that sets you up for the long-haul

  • a board that understands how to help you fundraise (and then actually does it!)

  • donors who want to give you their best gift every year

  • a clear way for your irregular donors to give to you every year

  • a way to maximize fundraising time that resulted in mid- and major-level gift growth

  • the confidence and hope that really propelled your nonprofit to the next level of its existence

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“There aren’t enough hours in a day to fundraise.”

When you learn the steps to secure more donors and larger donations, you can maximize every hour you spend fundraising and secure the size gifts that propel your organization forward year after year.


I’ve built my business on client referrals!