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Dear Nonprofit Leader,

Did something wrong in this world light a fire in you and change your life?  Did you decide to do something about the need you saw, the person in trouble, the injustice that needed to be made right? That’s what happened to me and it changed everything; my commitments, my family, and my career path. I didn’t plan for that to happen, but it did! If this happened to you, too, I’m guessing you passionately raised your hand and jumped in. And that’s how you started your mission in nonprofit.

I’ve been in your shoes.

Years ago I transitioned out of a successful corporate career managing roll-outs of large projects with large budgets and entered the world of nonprofits. I harnessed every skill I had and applied them to my new position and goal – to help navigate the path of growing a struggling nonprofit into something as big as the work I left.

And guess what? We did it – not because we designed the next ice-bucket challenge; no big name like Oprah gave us money. It wasn’t even because we were only one in the marketplace doing this work. No, it was none of those things.

The organization grew because of the framework, vital structure, and disciplined rhythms we put in behind the scenes to support fundraising efforts. Then - and not until then - were we able to put the fundraising strategy in place and grow the organization’s engagement, donor file, and annual revenue.

After years of working with industry experts, here is what I learned: Development is not about bravery in asking for money.

Development is discipline.

The root of the development problem is how organizations approach the fundraising table. To prep for the big Ask, you need the discipline to chart out your entire business and mission into a digestible plan, financial need, and clear programs. Your donor needs to hear this loud and clear.

You see, every week I talk to people all over the country who contact me because they want me to teach them how to fundraise. I can easily teach you how to solicit and fundraise, but often that is not the problem.

If you are simply trying to figure out the quick-fix fundraising formula you will never grow, and your organization will not become sustainable. What you do need to do is fix all the ways your internal structures support fundraising.

You can grow your organization – you can overcome the statistics that tell us most nonprofits will not grow into strong businesses to support their founding missions. I started my business because I understand the sticking points that cause funding plateaus.

There is a way upward. You can get back to the reason why you got into this mission in the first place. But you might need a thought partner and guide through it. I can help you.

This is why I created my program.

My program equips Executive Directors to grow their organization’s strengths, resiliency, and funding year after year. As a result, I’ve had the privilege of seeing leaders move from discouragement and frustration to success and confidence. But most of all, they’ve raised more money to fulfill their mission.

What about you?

Are you ready for change?

Ready to work hard?

Are you ready to raise more money?

I have good news for you: I’m here and I’m ready!

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Let’s do this.

Sherry works with leaders of all-sized nonprofit organizations who want to level-up their funding and grow.