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Sherry Quam Taylor

Founder, QuamTaylor LLC
Chicago, Illinois
(312) 213-7456

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Hi, I'm Sherry

I help you create a stronger and healthier organization to accomplish your mission.

The energy and passion needed to successfully fund and launch a nonprofit is not the same energy and passion that will keep it moving forward. Growing your organization takes even more. Most leaders feel this playing out daily. 

I’ve found that most organizations are full of passionate, thoughtful, and sacrificial leaders who have the ideas to make a great impact in the world. But I also know gaining traction and momentum to move forward isn’t easy. Often it takes an outsider’s perspective to bring clarity to problem areas.

I started QuamTaylor LLC to equip nonprofit leaders to successfully navigate their organization’s growth.  Walking hand-in-hand, we will guide you through the core practices to keep your organization’s revenue growing, give you a fresh outlook on your growth potential, classify your priorities, and teach you how to create relationships with the right donors.

The majority of our referrals are from happy and previous clients, and we will work hard to make sure you become one, too! Read more from our happy clients here!